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About the owner, writer, and creator


in front of the Colosseum- Rome, Italy 2019

     Hello! Such a long way from the home page to here, right? My name is Anastasia -yes, like the princess- and I am one of the very few folks in Nashville, TN that was born and raised here. Coming from a city that is a melting pot of all kinds of people and cultures; my ideas, my soul and my heart are a lot like my hair - BIG and with a mind of its own. Take the time to step into my crazy world of thought. I cover topics from my big hair to places to see while you are in Paris. Maybe I will encourage you to step out of your shell and LIVE LIFE. Na'Brel says is a creative outlet for all the things going on in my mind - The goal is to pass on my life experiences, thoughts, and creations to make a positive impact on someone that needs it. While you're at it, check out my shop for my jewelry creations.


Signing off!

                                                            Anastasia Shelton

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