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The Mummy (1999)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Since I have seen the trailer for the new Tom Cruise version of The Mummy, I thought I would do a quick blab about my favorite version. The Mummy has been done multiple times over the years of the film but to those that want what I see as the best one, watch the one starring Brendan Fraiser, who most of the 90’s kids know as George from George of the Jungle.

In the ancient city of Thebes, the mistress of Pharaoh Seti the 1st and his high priest have a secret affair. In order for their love to no longer be a secret, they plan to kill the pharaoh. After killing their leader Anuk-su-namun, the mistress is caught by the guards and kills herself before they can. It was the lovers’ plan for him to flee in order for him to be able to resurrect her. Therefore they can live happily ever after right? In the middle of trying to resurrect his love, Imhotep is caught by the guards. He and his fellow priests are doomed to be mummified alive for aiding in killing the pharaoh. Did I mention they also cursed Imhotep to be one of the undead, forever sealed in his sarcophagus until someone resurrects him with the Book of the Dead, ending the world?

Fast forwarding to the year 1926, Evelyn Carnahan a librarian & aspiring Egyptologist and her brother Jonathan working in a museum in Cairo. Her brother brings her a box stolen from an ex-soldier Rick O'Connell with a map stashed inside that seems to point to the way to the lost city of Hamunaptra. It is rumored that the city contains the Book of Amun-Ra, which has the power to take life away. With the map being damaged by "accident" by the curator of the museum, they now need Rick in order to find the lost city. Along the way, the trio is accompanied by American treasure hunters that later become a problem for them. After finding Hamunaptra, they explore the city finding the sarcophagus of Imhotep, Anuck-su-namun's preserved organs, and a book they think is the one they are looking for.

Things drastically change for the group when Evelyn reads from the book. Awakening the cursed priest, they discover that the book they have found is the Book of the Dead, which gives life, and not the Book of Amun-Ra. Escaping, the group decides to continue the search for the book they were originally looking for in order to stop the wrath of Imhotep and the resurrection of Anuck-su-namun. All of which they must do before the solar eclipse comes. After finding information leading to the book, Evelyn is taken by the priest in order to use her as a body for reincarnation. Left with no other options, Rick leads the way back to Hamunaptra to find the book, save the woman he has fallen in love with, and the world. If you ask me, this trio cut it a little too close for comfort. They end up saving Evelyn, but they are almost killed by the reincarnated couple before they are able to read from the correct book, vanquishing their enemies.

Side notes of mine: Evelyn and Rick's obvious chemistry throughout the film was slightly cliche but not overdone. I like that Evelyn still has her smart, independent woman characteristics and is not completely sexualized like most films seem to do in women's roles. Her goal was never to find love in a man; it was to find love in her passion for Egyptology. I absolutely love the scenery of Egypt and the history that comes with it, even though this movie is fictional. The special effect for the film for the '90s was pretty good. I like that they didn't make the mummies extremely scary-looking. They were creepy but not enough for me to have to cover my eyes which made watching the movie pretty easy. The movie runs for about 2 hours, so if you are just having a night or rainy day inside, give it a watch.

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