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Wonder Woman (2017)

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Can honestly say that I went to the movie theater more than once. I’m pretty sure the guy at the ticket office (that happened to be there EVERY time I went to go see it) thought he was having déjà vu for at least a month. Every movie I review I watch more than once for a few reasons. Simply put, I want to make sure that I have a full understanding and appreciation for what has been placed in front of me as a viewer sharing my opinion.

So far Wonder Woman is my favorite film thus far in 2017. However I am hoping that will change come December when the next Star Wars film comes out. Personally I am a fan of most comic book films but this one really stuck out for me. Now it’s great to see a hot actor like Hugh Jackman slicing people apart as Wolverine.

However it is a complete change of the norm you are introduced to a story that is completely female dominated as well as not being over sexualized. For those that understand what the “male gaze” is in film, will understand what I mean.

You’re instantly caught up in Wonder Woman. Why? Well like all the DC movies they tie in with each other at some point. Which in turn makes me want to watch them all. The opening scene brings you to the present day Diana aka Wonder Woman opening a package she has received from none other than Bruce Wayne. “I found the original, maybe one day you can tell me you story.” Says the note that comes along with a picture of her, dating back to World War I.

This small event takes you and Diana back in time to tell the story of her and the soldiers in the picture she thought were long gone. How old is this woman? I won’t spoil it for you…but if you’re tired of watching super hero movies where the hero is a guy and you’re looking for: comedy, little bit of romance, quick paced action scenes where women KICK ASS, and feeling like even YOU could be an Amazonian Warrior at the end of the day, this is it.

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