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Harpeth River State Park: Hidden Lake (Kingston Springs, TN)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

On my off days, I always try to find SOMETHING to do. Let's be real. We 20 something year-olds are broke. So if you are an outdoorsy kind of person, this place is for you. About a 40-minute drive outside of Nashville, Kingston Springs is the place to go for canoeing and kayaking. If you have your own canoe/kayak, that is wonderful; other than that, you will have to rent. BUT... I'm not here to talk about spending any money on anything apart from gas. This was honestly a random find while I was on my way to one of the other entrances of the Harpeth River State Park. There are four separate trails for this specific entrance. However, I only ventured to 3 of them due to a lot of overgrown foliage. The Bluebird Trail & Lower Loop is a little over a mile taking you around an open field; depending on the time of year it is filled with wildflowers. The Hidden Lake trail is a lot shorter than the first and ends at a lake where you can stick your toes in to cool off if you like; I did not. The Ridge Loop Trail was so overgrown I did not venture far. I have been told since my visit that this was once home to a resort in the 1940's and still has remains of the old dance floor for the main building. If you are worried about the sun beaming down on you the entire time, fear not! The Hidden Lake trail and the Ridge Loop trail have a lot of tree coverage. In total, the trails are a little over 2 miles which, in my opinion, is not a far distance for a hike without a lot of inclines.

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