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McDougals Chicken (Nashville, Tennessee)

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you're not a vegetarian and love CHICKEN TENDERS, I suggest you steer your taste buds on over to McDougals. The first location i went to was years ago on Belcourt Avenue near Vanderbilt, and over the years they have expanded from one location to quite a few. The #1 thing i love about this place is the size of the tenders. They are huge. I ordered a 5 piece basket that comes with hand cut fries (which are REALLY good for my tater/french fry fiends out there) and still had left overs. They let you choose from multiple home-made sauces to go along with you meal on the side or tossed. My suggestion, for those that like a slightly spicy but sweet flavor, the Honey Bee sauce. You can either order your food & seat yourself (yes there is patio seating) OR do a to-go order. 4 of 5.

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