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Super Troopers (2001)

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Ever had someone replace the word “now” with “meow” instead while they are speaking to you? Ever find yourself asking where they got it from? Well I surely did! Made me feel like I was hearing things, until someone asked me to watch this movie. This is a wonderful movie to watch if you have had a bad day. Every time I watch this movie I find something else hilarious about it.

The movie starts off with three teens that have various illegal substances on them. Being followed by the Vermont highway state patrol, they decide to eat some of their drugs and throw the rest out of the window. They are pulled over by 2 officers who decide to play a little prank on the teens since they know they are high. After asking for license and registration the officers take off leaving the 3 guys extremely confused. To make matters even weirder for them, the officers decide to come back this time driving their patrol car in reverse down the interstate to pull them over AGAIN. Done messing with the paranoid guys they pulled over, they are called away to a highway chase. However, they find out that it is only a fellow off duty officer playing a prank on them.

Due to the state wanting to cut their budget the highway patrol faces being shut down even though the local police will not be affected. So, it is up to them to show the state that they are worth keeping open by taking their jobs more seriously. Anyone that has seen this movie, knows that the officers of the state patrol can’t take anything seriously. Not wanting to give away too many details to this comedy because I feel that I will kill the funny moments, the “super troopers” end up busting the local cops for aiding in illegal drug transportation in a drunken and hilarious stupor.


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