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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

So there is no confusion, when I discuss Star Wars I go in the Episode order of release date. (Ex: A New Hope= Episode I, The Empire Strikes Back = Episode II, etc..)

Its been 10 years since we have seen a Star Wars film. The last trilogy we had were the prequels that ended in 2005 and George Lucas received a lot of crap about it. I personally like them because it gave the back story of how Anakin Skywalker because Darth Vader. I grew up on the very first Star Wars trilogy so when I saw the trailer for a new one, a whirlwind of emotions overtook me. A new Star Wars that was going to pick up where Return of the Jedi left off?! I had so many questions and concerns due to Disney merging with Lucas Film. Furthermore, here are my thoughts on Episode VII:

-I love that they kept the "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" intro. It just would NOT be a S.W. film without it

-Luke has disappeared and the First Order (a.k.a. The Empire) is cruising through the galaxy making chaos. Now Leia has to send her people off to find him. Sound familiar?

-BB8 is cute and all, but this just isn't a S.W. film without him

-The Pilot trusting BB8 with the map is SUCH a shout out to Episode I (when Leia gives R2D2 the message for Obi-wan Kenobi)

-Is that Darth Va-- wait no.

-Even though I recognize none of these characters, I am still intrigued enough to want to know how they all tie into finding Luke.

-GET OUT OF THERE POE AND FINN!! The Stormtrooper has a name you guys! And he's black. Loving the diversity.

-Is he... is he flirting with her?

-Kylo Ren throwing a tantrum. Runs in the family I guess.


-Crazy to see a lightsaber no one has watched on screen since Episode II. That force vision was intense! If this doesn't yell that Rey is force sensitive I don't know what does.

-Woah was not expecting him to be that good looking you guys! Those Skywalker & Solo genes together made one hot villain. I see trouble brewing for Rey further down the line. (Did I mention he carries her off like a bride?)

-Do what you do best Rebels, come in to kick ass and take names!

-Okay Kylo. All cuteness points gone. MY HEART IS TORN TO PIECES.


-BB8 finding R2D2 was a good way to tie up the end of the film.

As a whole I am really curious about Rey's parentage. Who is she? Out of nowhere this girl has Jedi powers and can wield a lightsaber fairly well. At least well enough to beat Kylo Ren and for the lightsaber to fly to her and not him during the final battle scene. Also wanting to know exactly why Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo went dark side since last time I checked there was balance in the Force.

Based on the previous films we have seen in the history of Star Wars, if Rey's parentage is not a Skywalker or a Solo in any way I can see them playing this film out as an action romance between these two dynamic characters. The light versus the dark. The yin and yang. However, I also feel that it wont be instantaneous, their relationship will be something that develops over the course of the films.We will just have to wait until December!

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