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Murfreesboro Greenway System (Murfreesboro, TN)

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

WARMER WEATHER IS HERE YOU GUYS! Well kinda for us Tennessee folk where we experience all seasons in a span of a week. Regardless if you live in Murfreesboro, TN OR parents you are just checking up on your college student(s), break out those walking shoes and check out their Greenway System. (If you don’t know what a greenway is, it’s a series of trails made for walking,biking,skating, etc). At this one specifically, you also have the option to canoe or kayak!

The connecting trails are spread out across the Murfreesboro area for about 12 miles and have a few different entrances that you can start at. For my readers with dogs, start at the General Bragg trailhead. There is a dog park that has a side for small dogs and another size for the larger breeds. Leashes are required for ALL dogs while on the greenway. (Sidenote I don’t consider retractable leashes, actual leashes. If your dog can still reach me and bark and try to bite me while on that thing, it’s not doing it’s job. Be safe you guys.)

Also, Stones River runs right next to most of the trails so you have a pretty good view of the water too. I started at the Manson Pike because if you go towards the Overall Street Trailhead, you pass a small waterfall with a small area to dip your toes in on a hot day. Or to let your furry friend cool off. For this reason I carry extra towels on my outdoor adventures with Sam. And please you guys, clean up after your dog. It’s your duty to pick up their doody. *ba dum tsss*

For my readers with families, this place is great. Most times I have gone, there are officers on wheels driving down the greenway. It’s also a good place for them to ride bicycles without you worrying. Plenty of spots for picnicking or just to lay out and read a good book. For my directionally challenged friends out there, here is a map to help you along!

Until the next warm day,

Anastasia & Sam

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