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Daug Haus (Murfreesboro, TN)

Updated: May 29, 2020

Rainy day finds! Hey Murfreesboro readers, and everyone else too of course! If you are craving a completely loaded hot dog apart from your standard fast food spot, give this place a try.

Daug Haus, mostly recognized by those that have made their way through Southern California, features a hearty menu of meals that are honesty kind of hard to choose from. After creeping on their social media pages before hand I already knew what I was getting myself into. A Hawaiian sweet roll turned into a bun layered with anything I want? Heck yea! I also thought it was pretty nifty that every name on the menu played off of a movie title.

When you walk in, you're greeted by a cashier and a menu just like you wood at Mickey D's. You place your order, they give you a number & you sit wherever you want & they bring your food to you. Did I mention they also have a full service bar? (Drinkers in talking to you!)

Even though it was a rainy day, it was the weekend so things were pretty busy inside. Luckily, they have a covered patio that most people did not want to sit under due to the rain & chill. However, for me I could care less so I chose the patio. Less noise & definitely not as many people crushed together like a can of sardines. My order came out to my table VERY fast. A lot faster than I thought it would to be honest with you guys.

I decided to order the "Hangover" burger (served on a bun made of the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls & comes white american cheese, smoked bacon, haus chili, fried egg *runny or well done*, & mayo) with a side of french fries.


PROS: Very flavorful burger patty. The bacon was not over cooked which I deeply appreciate AND they cooked my egg all the way through just like I requested. The perfect amount of white american cheese, since we all know I am a cheese fiend. Love that the bread is not the standard burger bun, seeing that myself & just about everyone else I know is obsessed with the Hawaiian rolls.

CONS: Way too much chili & mayo. I had to scrape a little of both off, especially the mayo. It was a giant dollop that I could have done without. Like with any bread, my burger started to get very soggy pretty quick which made it a little hard to handle the burger. Maybe they should had a "toasted bread" option for folks like myself.


My companion decided on the "Cowboy" hot dog (also served on a Hawaiian Sweet Roll bun; completely loaded with a smoked bacon wrapped hot dog, cheddar cheese sauce, bbq sauce, & crispy onions).


PROS: Well cooked & juicy. Does not taste like a store bought or gas station hot dog. Bacon was cooked to a nice crunch which helped hold in the juices. This definitely played a part in the fact that their bread did not get as soggy as mine. The cheese sauce honestly tasted home made & not like the carnival cheese which was great. Not too big of an onion person, but I liked them on this particular dish.

CONS: This meal is surely for someone that can work around how MESSY this hot dog is. Due to all the toppings I would suggest eating it with a fork unless you want BBQ sauce & cheese all over you.


Overall I give Daug Haus a 3/5. The food was worth it. However, I would have loved to see a combo-like option VS paying for everything individually. The fries and drink (a sweet tea that was the PERFECT amount of sweet for me) were extra. With Daug Haus being in a college town, their prices are a little more than what I personally would have paid on a limited budget while I was in school BUT you get what you pay for! For more info about Daug Haus visit 521 NW Broad Street in Murfreesboro, TN or or follow them on Instagram @doghausdogs

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