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Don't Bite Your Finger (Antioch, TN)

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you live in Antioch or are familiar with that side of town, you'll know that this area is full of what I call "pop up eateries". Folks will pull up in a vacant lot with a their food truck or simply a grill on a trailer that they can haul anywhere.

While my boyfriend and I were on own way to get what we needed for dinner at the Kroger on Mt. View Rd, we drove past two gentleman smoking meat in the parking lot of Kat's Bar & Grill. Being a slightly curious, we decided that we would be nosy after grabbing groceries and see what they were cooking up! (and if we could have some too. HEHE!)

We loaded up the car with our groceries, headed on over to the opposite side of the parking lot & were instantly greeted with a mouth watering smell that makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Keith, the owner of Don't Bite Your Finger, is a native to Memphis, TN and caters to those that need a taste of what he calls REAL Memphis BBQ. I was very skeptical since I worked at a BBQ joint for a few years,I am particular. My significant other is from Memphis so he had doubts too, but we said "hey why not?". Support local business right?

We settled for the Smoked Sausage on a bun with cole slaw & BBQ Pork Nachos. Now, I do not too much care for cole slaw. Period. But whatever magic they whipped into the slaw & the homemade bbq sauce, I was instantly sold. The BBQ nachos were completely smothered in the pulled pork & cheese & the same sauce that was on the sausage. I think in total we MIGHT have spent $10, with a tip. As with most meals anywhere you go, the bread and chips get soggy due to the toppings & us waiting until we got back home to eat, IT WAS STILL GOOD.

Looking forward to running into them again & giving their other menu items a try. I give them a 5/5! Did I mention they cater too? For more information, call the number on the business card!

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