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Black Owned Businesses: Hazel Eye Relaxation

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

An idea born in the COVID isolation of 2020, Nashville resident Felicia Byrd decided to take her obsession with candles and make it into a business. Made of 100% natural soy, these 4oz candles, and 2.5oz snap bars will burn slower than those made of paraffin wax. How do they smell, you ask? Honestly, I can smell my candle after I put it out; when it is lit, my nose is not overwhelmed, nor does it give me a headache.

Each scent is inspired by something she loves. For example, the Carry On candle line is inspired by the TV series Supernatural. Since I share a not-so-secret obsession with Sam Winchester, I ordered the Flannel & Old Books candle. The smell reminds me of the teakwood candle from Bath & Body with a combination of Warm Flannel Embrace by Glade. If you need a candle that makes you think of a sexy man, THIS ONE IS IT, YOU GUYS! I also received a wax melt sample of Lady of the Underworld and Winter Wonderland. Between the three, Lady of the Underworld is the favorite for everyone that has come into my apartment, including myself. For my readers into metaphysics, Hazel Eye Creation also carries a line of Chakra Candles.

Conscientious that not everything you pluck off of the shelf in the store is good for your body, Hazel Eye Relaxation is currently developing a line of body products to eliminate that anxiety. I was also favored with samples of the upcoming bath product line. I have not had the chance to use the Lavender Milk Bath , but I did use the Lavender Bath Salt earlier in the week. An Epsom salt bath is my normal go-to for sore muscles and having the layer of lavender was a nice touch, especially before bed. My skin is fairly sensitive to a lot of bath products. Therefore I am glad to say I have had no issues.

There is nothing like a good candle; one that smells wonderful yet will not burn quickly & will not leave your bank accounts empty. I admire that each product is inspired by something different that has meaning for Felicia because it allows her to cater to a demographic of customers who share similar likes. To not miss out on upcoming product releases, follow Hazel Eye Relaxation on Instagram and like on Facebook & ETSY

"Felicia, if you could give advice to someone trying to start their own business, regardless of what it is, what would your advice be?"



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Until next time,

Anastasia Shelton



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