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February Updates: Black History Month

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

A new month is here. I want to fill everyone in on a new project I am doing for you all! Since February is Black History month, every week, I will highlight one Black Owned Business or People of Color that is currently in the process of creating its own businesses. You may be asking, " Why did you choose to focus on the present and not our history?". I am a firm believer that every day, we create the history of the future- we are walking history. Therefore why not choose the present?

An upcoming candle shop, Hazel Eye Relaxation, has spot number one in my February series!

My second highlight will focus on Blue Herbal Goddess located in Clarksville, TN! Blog and vlog will be released on Saturday, February 20th.

The following week I will focus on an esthetician student, Chloe Mason. Her goal is to educate her family, friends & others on proper beauty and skincare, all the while laying down the foundation of her future business.

Until next time,

Anastasia Shelton



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