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Girls' Trip to Asheville North Carolina

Fall is here yall and what is a better way to spend it than by taking a quick girls' trip? If you are cool with being in the car for about 4.5 hours Asheville NC is a great stop. Just like in Tennessee, all the trees in North Carolina are changing into their vibrant fall colors.

Arrival and Day 1

Like most of my trips. I leave on a Thursday or Friday to minimize the number of days I miss from work. For this one, we left on a Friday after work and drove to Asheville during the night. After arriving at our Airbnb, we crashed for the night so we were ready for our full Saturday in Asheville.

For breakfast we went to a local spot named Biscuit Head; it's not too far off from Biscuit Love back home but the prices are more reasonable. Deciding to burn off our breakfast, the Mountain to Sea hiking trail was our next spot. If you have dogs, this is a dog-friendly trail - just be sure to have your furry friend on a leash. The trail is 2.5 miles up to the lookout point (totaling 5 miles up and down); be sure to have good shoes. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Hangry and in need of a drink, our first brewery was White Labs. Luckily there was not a crowd and we were able to get a table right away. I am not a fan of beer so I tried the Dry Ridge cider paired with a plate of Kimchi fries. I had never eaten kimchi prior to this & I did not know what I was getting myself into flavorwise but I have no complaints.

With our bellies full and a trip to the closest Walmart, a nap was in store for all of us. Revived and ready to explore, we dawned our best Halloween attire and went to the downtown Asheville area. When we arrived, there was not an available table at Wicked Weed Brewery - so we put our name on the list. To kill time, we grabbed a beer at Lazoom Room and wandered to a few of the shops close by. After waiting for what felt like ages, our table was finally ready at Wicked Weed. I opted for the Carolina Bison Burger and a sour flight of beer. For those that do NOT know what a beer flight is, it is a cluster of small samples of beer; like the trio appetizer dish from TGI Fridays. I opted for this since I am not a beer person in any way form or fashion. My taste lies on the sweeter side, such as wine or cider. Sours are supposed to be less "hoppy" aka "tastes like soap to me" Unfortunately, I did NOT like my flight of beer. However, the seasonal beer Raspberry Starfruit Burst was fantastic. Very refreshing and light for those that are like me and prefer something that doesn't taste like a "beer".

Day 2 and Departure

After sleeping like babies from our day of burgers, beer and hiking we wanted to take our final day easy. Especially since we had a drive home. Bunch was dedicated to Sunny Pointe Cafe an independent family-owned business that takes pride in using the "farm to table" approach. They have a garden that they utilize as well as using local ingredients. What a way to give back to the community! Plus, they are dog friendly on the patio.

If you do not take the time to visit Downtown Asheville while you are here, you are missing out. There are quite a few places to shop and depending on the time of year, there are local businesses posted on the sidewalks showcasing themselves. This is a great place to find an early Christmas gift! that you can not find back home- wherever that may be.

Until my next adventure,




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