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Lenny Kravitz at Ascend Amphitheater (Nashville, Tennessee)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Either at a bar or at one of our many music venues, there is absolutely no shortage of live music when you are in Nashville, TN. Though the most popular is Bridgestone Arena throughout the year, Ascend Amphitheater is the spot to be during the warmer months. Right off First Ave and Korean Veterans, this venue provides a beautiful view of the city lights, including the pedestrian bridge that spans over the Cumberland River. Since the closing of Starwood Amphitheatre in 2006, Ascend has satiated the need that locals and visitors needed for a well-organized outdoor venue.

From where I stand, I have been on three separate occasions and never had a bad time. The staff is friendly for the most part, the bathrooms stay clean, and depending on the artist, the ticket prices aren’t terrible either. Though I am not a fan of concession prices, most things you buy downtown are going to be on the pricier side regardless. Nashville is a tourist trap, and higher prices come with that.

Regarding where the "best seat" in the house is, it breaks down to personal preference. I have sat all over; nonetheless, my favorite spot is based on my budget for the ticket. If you are that kind of person that likes to be so close to the stage the artist can spit on you, be my guest. However, there is an advantage of being closer to a bathroom if you sit in the lawn area. There are no chairs provided unless you rent them or bring them yourself for this venue. Plan and come prepared for the weather since all events are rain or shine.

In my most recent visit, I got the chance to Lenny Kravitz by winning a pair of lawn tickets through 102.9 The Buzz. Being a little over-excited about the tickets, I did not bring nor rent a chair, but I did have a blanket to sit on that was just as fine. (Shout out to Kait for thinking of the blanket since I had forgotten).

If you are wondering, yes- Lenny Kravitz's performance was amazing. Though I was familiar with his music, by no means would I consider myself his #1 fan. Nevertheless, I found myself singing and dancing along to every song. I was enamored by the magic of the music and the inspiration of his words. Never have I gone to a concert where the musician asked the crowd to put up their phone and live in the moment. It made me wonder how many other events I have gone to where I did not absorb the experience due to being worried about a cell phone. I take this moment to ask my readers that the next time you go to a concert, keep your phone in your purse, pocket, or bag and live in the moment.

What was your favorite or first concert at Ascend?

Apart from Ascend, what are some venues you would suggest to other readers?

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