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The BEST Black-owned Metaphysical Store in Middle Tennessee

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

A new week has come to a close, everyone! Sorry for the delay on the vlog, but there have been some internet outages & slowness in my area due to the ridiculous ice storm Tennesseeans got at the beginning of the week.

Before the inclement weather, I took a quick trip to Clarksville, Tennessee, where I ventured into the #BlackOwnedBusiness Blue Herbal Goddess. Opened at the start of the 2020 COVID pandemic, business owner Nicole Clemmer was fortunate enough to be allowed to stay open due to her being a Natural Health Practitioner. Over the years, I have been into a few different metaphysical stores, and some of them do not feel welcoming. You aren't greeted, not one asks if they can help you, the vibe is wrong, which results in me not buying anything at all or never going back.

Blue Herbal Goddess is the complete opposite of this and I and GRATEFUL.

While maintaining a high level of professionalism, Nicole makes a point to make everyone that walks through her door feel as if they aren't walking into a store but a home. Her retail consists of a variety of metaphysical supplies, including crystals; compared to other stores I have been to, her prices are hard to beat. The store layout is not a maze, making it is easy to find what you need. In light of social distancing, Blue Herbal Goddess also offers Reiki, sound healing & meditation sessions that are one on one. To calm down my constantly working brain, I was given the opportunity to have a mediation session. Since it helped, I think that was the universe's way of telling me I need to meditate more often.

"...through self-love, because it is the highest vibration... through that we are going to help one another to come through all of this together."

- Nicole Clemmer; owner of Blue Herbal Goddess


Until my next adventure,

Anastasia Shelton

Na'Brel Says, Owner & Operator



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