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Two Reasons Why I Prefer The Witcher Books over the Netflix Series

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Due to COVID, 2020 was probably the best year to sit at home and binge watch that extremely long "What To Watch" list that you've been building up. Over the years, I have noticed that when Hollywood runs out of new ideas, books become adapted for the screen. Not that this is a bad thing! I'm a huge bookworm and would love the see some of my favorites on screen. However, not all of them meet the bar that fans of the book(s) set. Even though I binged The Witcher series on Netflix in less than a week, a.k.a 2-3 days, it is not excluded from falling slightly short of the bar on a few things.

Easier To Follow

Season One is a combination of The Last Wish and the first half of Sword of Destiny in the book series. There are a lot of time jumps and overlaps that do not really make sense until the season is almost over. With that being said, this is not a series that you can watch and do other things. You MUST pay attention to it. If not, you will have missed something important and will have to rewind it. At least with the book, you can put a bookmark in and come back to it.

Character Depth (and casting)

Season one has only given us a taste of who these characters are. The books give readers more insight into the backstory of Ciri, Yennifer, and Geralt. Due to this, I do not feel as deep of a connection with this character triangle as I did while reading the books. Netflix also does not do a great job of touching on the Witcher signs that Geralt casts while fighting. In the books, that skillset is a large part of the mutation and training that the Witchers go through. Lastly, and I am NOT knocking the acting of the two lead actresses in this series, I envisioned Yennifer to be a little bit older and Ciri a lot younger than what was cast. Appearances aside, I am anticipating a lot more action scenes that include Ciri for Season Two and hopefully more character depth now that we have gotten past the introduction of most of the main characters.


Nose glued to a book somewhere,

Anastasia Shelton

Na'Brel Says, Owner & Operator



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