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Upcoming January Vlog Updates

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hey readers! Hope the week hasn't been too stressful for you guys. Especially since it is ONLY Tuesday and the week is nowhere near being done. Despite the trash can fire that was 2020 and the US Capitol being broken into last week, hopefully, 2021 is a bit nicer to us.

With that being said, I am going to continue vlogging about my trip to Europe in 2019, mostly because I have been eager to share my time there with you all; but also because I want to give people hope that one day we will be able to get back to unrestricted travel. Europe Vlog Part 2: Paris will be available on my YouTube Channel this Thursday at 4 pm. Paris will be followed by a final stop in Rome, whose video I will upload on January 21st.

on EuroStar train from London to Paris

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Until my next adventure,

Anastasia Shelton



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